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Seriously. You gotta try this! – Rincon de Bahia

Seriously. You gotta try this! – Rincon de Bahia



Why, yes, the waves are lapping at the shore, the ocean breezes are kissing your cheek, the moon has created an illuminated “dance floor” on the water, but it is the aroma from the kitchen that will stop you in your tracks! Rincon de Bahia is just one of a few absolute, ocean front restaurants here on Panama’s Pacific Coast. Nestled into the corner of tower two at the much sought after Bahia Resort is where Chef Argimiro Armuelles creates pure magic. And our chef might be kind of famous if this magazine cover is any indication. >>>>

The menu changes weekly but a few of my favorites are (drum roll please….)

Thai Pork Ribs

Holy moly are these finger-licking good!  They are slow cooked in what I would call a “Cajun Microwave” but is referred to here as a La Caja China. The tangy Thai sauce is exquisite! Nestled atop baby arugula (which is not easy to find out here at the beach!) and next to his famous Western Fries makes this dish totally dimple worthy.

Rincon Burger

An all Angus mouthful of deliciousness and don’t even get me started on that bun! It is heaven on a plate. The BEST remedy for a late Friday night is a Saturday burger for lunch at Rincon de Bahia. Or Sunday for lunch, well, any excuse to order this burger and those ahhhhmazing fries. Seriously, I may have an inappropriate relationship with those fries.


Yeah, lobster is pretty hard to mess up in my book. However, lobster just hours out of the Caribbean and on a plate in front of me is stuff dreams are made of!  The picture above is a lobster cocktail with yuca a la Huancaina, and I love the fusion of flavors! This Peruvian sauce is a symphony of flavors that will make your heart sing as much as your tastebuds. Seriously fun food for your mouth!


R I D I C U L O U S  nachos. I consider myself a nacho expert (I DID move here from South Texas) and these are the! I’m not quite sure if it is the fried to order tortillas, fresh pico, or some magic seasoning in the beef but these are addicting. I honestly need an intervention when these hit the table. Want to share an order with me? Don’t. It’s a trap ask Rachel.

Afro-Panamanian Rice (Jambalaya ~ Panamanian Style)

When you are raised in South Louisiana jambalaya is a staple. A delicious staple and I am a self-proclaimed expert on this awesome staple. Now for a twist, assemble this dish with Panamanian flavors of seafood, chicken, coconut milk and a dash of curry, and you get Afro-Panamanian Rice. Cajun, Panama-Cat is in HEAVEN when this appears on the menu!

I am officially hungry after writing this blog. Maybe Rachel wants to share some nachos for dinner? Bahahahaha!

Rincon De Bahia is typically open Thursday night through Sunday lunch – and it is not just for the residents of Bahia. Come on down to our neck of the beach and prepare to be blown away! Prices range from $10-$25.

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