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International Schools in Panama: Coronado

There are more and more young families considering a move to our tropical nation, and they all have a burning question: What options do we have for schools in Panama? There are good international schools around the country, and I’ve had some first-hand experience with finding the right school in Coronado, so let me share what I learned about this area:

Panama Coast International School

Panama Coast International School, Gorgona, Panama

Panama Coast International School, Gorgona, Panama

When we first got to town and looked for schools in Panama just over two years ago, there was really only one option for our son if we wanted him to attend an international school. (He had already experienced the Panama public schools.) This option was Panama Coast International School (PCIS) in Gorgona. The school accommodates children of all ages, and follows a mostly North American curriculum and school calendar. They will take into consideration the requirements from your home country to keep the students up-to-speed with those regulations should they decide to return. In our case, that home country was Canada. The student body is very diverse, representing countries like the USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Spain, France and of course, Panama. The director there is Kathy Kress and her email is

Five Stars Academy

Five Stars Academy, International School near Coronado, Panama

This school is located in the small town of Santa Clara, in the Cocle Province of Panama, about 20 minutes from Coronado along the Pan-American Highway.  Five Stars Academy  has a excellent, relaxing environment, with full certification from pre-K to Grade 12.  Teachers are certified in both English and Spanish and therefore the students learn both languages. Once again, the students are from all over the world: Canada, USA, Chile, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, and Ukraine. I have heard excellent feedback from parents whose children attend this school! One of the two directors there is Allison Hudgins, and her email is

Coronado International School

Coronado International School

The newest international school in Coronado, Panama is the Coronado International School.  CIS is a private, bilingual school located just two minutes from the bustling town of Coronado. Situated on five hectares of land, there is plenty of natural environment for discovery and learning opportunities. This school is going into its second year, and the feedback from parents has been excellent.  The contact person there is Giraliz Deleon and you can reach her at

The enrollment at these schools is growing with every year! More and more people are choosing to raise their kids in a foreign country, giving them the opportunity to learn another language, meet people from diverse backgrounds, and explore another culture. Might you be one of those parents? Let me know if I can tell you any more about what it’s like to enroll your child at one of the schools in Panama.

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